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Founded in 1945 CAIM is one of the world’s leading market International Admiralty Chart Agent and global provider of marine equipment and navigational solutions.
We hold in stock more than 25,000 Admiralty charts and more than 15,000 maritime books (both official publications and books) completely updated by its trained correctors.
We ensure best service 24/7 and we are able to dispatch supplies to the world at short notice.
With the POD (Print on Demand) service, all charts are ready in stock upon request.
With the Outfit Management Service, CAIM offers an automatic supply on the new edition of charts and publications.

Pioneering the e-Navigation era, CAIM has developped a full integrated, compliant and 100% customizable navigational Software, Navigate.

Find more on http://www.navigatebycaim.com


The perfect complementary planning station.

Outfit Management

Manage and display most of required data navigation.


The weather module provides all the most significant data.


All daily official messages from every Navarea are available in NaviGate with a user-friendly interface.


NaviGate support for all ADP official component installed on user’s pc.

Route Optimization

With route optimization, NaviGate allows you to plan the best route to save sailing time and money.

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