C-Bird VSAT Antenna

Using the latest technologies CAIM can offer C-Band smallest Antenna.

C-Bird makes it as easy to install a whole fleet as it is to install one ship.

Affordable, Simple, Reliable

  • C-Bird pricing makes global VSAT affordable
  • Shipping costs minimized with kit packaging
  • Antenna kit easy to assemble by the Crew onboard with no crane
  • No shore crane or special tools required
  • Self-commissioning
  • I-Direct network compatible
  • Simple web-based GUI
  • Automatic beam switching
  • Elevation travel of -10° to +110°
  • Pointing accuracy of +/- 0.2° typical
  • Fully operational up to 85 knots headwind
  • Automatic self locking for storm protection
  • Total assembled weight – 600Kg

C-Bird Specifications

  • Non-critically balanced, stabilized tracking antenna
  • 2.4 meter diameter dish; Intelsat certified
  • C-Band frequency, circular polarization
  • BUC: Standard – 20W. System supports up to 80W
  • Stabilization travel of pitch and roll +/- 20°