VSAT ‘SeaOnNet’

Always on — Always Available

Broadband networks deliver the high data speeds required by ever rising communications needs.

They can reliably support a range of critical onboard applications such as real­time business applications, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP, Internet access and much more). VIRTEK COMMBOX(C) is integrated in the architecture to optimize crew communications and update service, while offering a back up connection through Inmarsat (or Iridium) SatCom to assure always uninterrupted service.

Thanks to VSAT Broadband CAIM MARITIME DIGITAL SERVICES that use software modules on board and a database ashore to assist the Master and Officers with ISM and Outfit Management can be used at best with automatic update! Duplicate servers at an independent location ensure a 24/7 continuous service.

‘SeaOnNet’ & Broad@Sea

The satellite solutions specifically designed for the Broadband communication needs in the maritime business sector. Trough SeOnNet or Broad@Sea you can:

  • Realize a “real” ship on net integration;
  • Provide global broadband “always” on IP connectivity;
  • Support basic and enhanced services and maritime applications
    (e.g. crew welfare, real time digital cartography update, fuel consumption control);
  • Increase the control of ship and shore communication cost.

‘SeaOnNet’ Solution offers:

ISP services:

  • Broadband internet browsing;
  • E-mail and related attachments;
  • Ship and Company network interconnection (Intranet web access);
  • Ftp, send and receive directly standard Office files.


  • VoIP service with customer headquarter termination;
  • VoIP service with PSTN access and billing;
  • VoIP fax on-board.

Value added services:

  • Mini GSM cells for voice and SMS services;
  • Pre-authorized/prepaid Internet navigation
  • Fleet management & automatic reporting applications;
  • Ship equipment data telemetry (e.g. Engine);
  • Interactive distance learning for on board crew and commanders;
  • Remote Video surveillance;
  • Multicast data transfer (digital cartography update, notice to mariner);
  • File data broadcast to send RT informations to all the company ships;
  • Media file download (newspaper, movies, books);
  • Entertainment applications (e.g. movies, game);
  • Telemedicine support.