New Editions Week 26/2018

New Edition UKHO Charts Week 26

945 Indonesia, Jawa – North Coast, Selat Madura and Selat Sapudi including Madura. 28/06/2018
1504 England – East Coast, Cromer to Orford Ness. 28/06/2018
1792 China – South East Coast, Approaches to Shantou including Chaozhou Gang. 28/06/2018
1838 Ireland – West Coast, Bantry Bay, Shot Head to Bantry. 28/06/2018
1840 Ireland – West Coast, Bantry Bay, Black Ball Head to Shot Head. 28/06/2018
1975 England – East Coast, Thames Estuary, Northern Part. 28/06/2018
2129 Ireland – South Coast, Long Island Bay to Castlehaven. 28/06/2018
2184 Ireland – South-West Coast, Mizen Head to Gascanane Sound. 28/06/2018
2552 Ireland – South-West Coast, Dunmanus Bay. 28/06/2018
2644 China – Bo Hai, Huanghua Gang Gangchi. 28/06/2018
2650 China – Bo Hai, Huanghua Gang and Approaches. 28/06/2018
2794 Indonesia, Tanjung Sambar to Tanjung Selatan. 28/06/2018
2795 Indonesia, Madura to Pulau Laut. 28/06/2018
2862 Indonesia, Outer Approaches to Selat Sunda. 28/06/2018
3447 Peninsular Malaysia – East Coast, Kuala Terengganu to Tumpat. 28/06/2018
3683 England – East Coast, Sheerness and Approaches. 28/06/2018
3725 Ireland – South Coast, Baltimore Harbour. 28/06/2018
3965 Gulf of Thailand, Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ko Chuang. 28/06/2018
AUS255 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Approaches to Abbot Point. 01/06/2018
SLB102 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Plans in the New Georgia Group. 01/06/2018

New Edition UKHO Publications Week 26

NP Title Date
There will be no New Editions of Admiralty Publications published on 25th June 2018

New Edition UKHO Publications Available Now


NP Title Date
NP45 Mediterranean Pilot Volume 1 (Sixteenth Edition) 2018. 12/04/2018
NP283(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Maritime Safety Information Services.

The Americas, Far East and Oceania 2018/19 Edition.

NP74 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume A 2018/19. British Isles and North Coast of France from Dunkerque to the Entrance to Goulet de Brest including North Sea Oil and Gas Production Installations 12/04/2018
NP68 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions East Coast of the United States Pilot Volume I (Sixteenth Edition 2018). 19/04/2018
NP201A-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1A, United Kingdom.

English Channel to River Humber (Including Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports). 2019 Edition.

NP286(1) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations

United Kingdom and Europe. 2018/19 Edition.

NP54 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions North Sea (West) Pilot (Eleventh Edition 2018). 03/05/2018
NP12 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Arctic Pilot Volume 3. 10/05/2018
NP77 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume D 2018/19 Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Arabian and Red Seas 10/05/2018
NP78 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume E 2018/19 West Mediterranean 24/05/2018
NP286(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations.

Europe, Arctic and Baltic Coasts, Including Iceland and Faroe Islands. 2018/19 Edition.

NP201B-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1B, United Kingdom and Ireland (Excluding Isles of Scilly, English Channel to River Humber, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports.

2019 Edition.)

NP321-19 Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office.

Astronomical / Surveying Publication. The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the year 2019.

NP15 Australia Pilot Volume 3 (Fourteenth Edition) 2018. 14/06/2018
NP75 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume B 2018/19 Southern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea

Including the Coast of Norway to latitude 60 _55’N

NP303(2) Nautical / Astronomical / Celestial Navigation Publication

Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation

Volume 2.








Miscellaneous Publications & CD Due To Be Published Shortly

Code Title Due Date
DA404E OPRC courses on CD, 2018 Edition May/June 2018
NAU75 Shiphandling Logbook 1st Edition 2018 June 2018
NAU76 Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships 1st Edition 2018 June 2018
NAU77 Polar Ship Oparations 2nd Edition 2018 June 2018
NAU78 Astro Navigation – The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Volume 2 11th Edition 2018 June 2018
SEAM156 Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) 4th Edition 2018 June 2018


Miscellaneous Publications & CD Now Available


Code Title Date
IC908E International SafetyNET Manual, 2017 Edition 24-10-2017
IE951E NAVTEX Manual, 2017 Edition 24-10-2017
SEAM139 Coating Maintenance – Guidelines for Coating Maintenance & Repairs for Ballast Tanks and Combined Cargo/Ballast Tanks on Oil Tankers (IACS Rec 87) New Edition 2017 03-11-2017
SEAM140 Bulk Carriers – Guidelienes for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures (IACS Rec 76) New Edition 2017 03-11-2017
SEAM141 General Dry Cargo Ships – Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures (IACS Rec 55) New Edition 2017 03-11-2017
LLP1 Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas of World Ports & Shipping Places 2018-2019 08-11-2017
SEAM151 INTERTANKO – Guide to Port State Control 2017 08-11-2017
TA130E Model course: Onboard assessment, 2017 Edition 08-11-2017
IC656E Guidelines for the Implementation of Marpol Annex V, 2017 Edition 15-11-2017
IC664E Marpol Annex VI & NTC 2008, 2017 Edition 16-11-2017
SEAM.77 Onboard Safety, 2nd Edition 16-11-2017
SEAM148 Pilot Ladder Manual – Incorporating Pilot Transfer Arrangements including Combination Ladders – Basic Edition 2017 17-11-2017
SEAM149 Pilot Ladder Manual – Incorporating Pilot Transfer Arrangements including Combination Ladders – Advanced Edition 2017 17-11-2017
SEAM145 A Guide to Managing Maintenance in Accordance with the Requirements of the ISM Code (IACS Rec 74) New Edition 2017 17-11-2017
SEAM146 LNG Bunkering Guidelines (IACS Rec 142) New Edition 2017 17-11-2017
SEAM143 INTERTANKO – A Guide to the Vetting Process, 12th Edition 23-11-2017
IH970E GMDSS Manual, 2017 Edition 30-11-2017
SEAM125  Regulatory Primer for Mates & Masters 8th Edition 2017/2018 30-11-2017
SEAM147E Confined Space Safe Practice (IACS Rec 72) New Edition 2017 30-11-2017
SEAM142 Passage Planning Guide – English Channel Dover Straits New Edition 2017 11-12-2017
T710E Model course: Ratings as able seafarer deck, 2017 Edition 13-12-2017
ITU.13 List of Coast Stations & Special Service Stations CD-ROM 28-12-2017
SHIP17 The Ship Atlas 17th Edition 31-12-2017
SEAM.41 Ballast Water Management, 8th Edition 31-12-2017
ID350E FAL Convention, 2017 Edition 03-01-2018
ID938E STCW Including 2010 Manila Amendments, 2017 Edition 10-01-2018
SEAM151 Chemical Tanker Operations for the STCW Advanced Training Course – A Practical Guide to Chemical Tanker Operations 12-01-2018
SEAM150 Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures, 2018 Consolidated Edition 31-01-2018
IC981E Poster: Symbols related to Life-Saving Appliances & Arrangements, 2018 06-02-2018
I988E Poster: Symbols related to Escape Route Signs & Equipment Location Markings, 2018 06-02-2018
IA793E Cape Town Agreement of 2012, 2018 Edition 14-02-2018
SEAM153 Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carrier Manifolds 15-03-2018
II260E IMSBC Code & Supplement, 2018 Edition 12-04-2018
SEAM157 Oil Tankers – A Pocket Safety Guide – 2018 Edition 25-04-2018
ID117E ISM Code with guidelines for its implementation, 2018 Edition 04-05-2018
SEAM159 ECDIS Procedures Guide  2018 Edition 31-05-2018
SEAM160 ECDIS PASSAGE PLANNING & Whatchkeeping  2018 Edition 06-06-2018
SEAM161 PASSAGE PLANNING Guidelines  2018 Edition 06-06-2018
IB560E Manual on Oil Pollution – Section II, 2018 Edition, 2018 Edition 06-06-2018

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