New Editions Week 28/2019

New Edition UKHO Charts Week 28

1065 Korea – South Coast, Approaches to Masan, Busan, Busan New Port and Okpo Hang. 11/07/2019
1349 France – North Coast, Ports in the Baie de Seine. 11/07/2019
1975 England – East Coast, Thames Estuary, Northern Part. 11/07/2019
2052 England – East Coast, Orford Ness to The Naze. 11/07/2019
2692 England – East Coast, Sunk Inner Precautionary Area. 11/07/2019
2843 Baltic Sea, Sweden – East Coast, Kalmarsund – Middle Part. 11/07/2019
2855 Baltic Sea – Sweden, South Coast, Karlshamn and Stilleryd. 11/07/2019
AUS250 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Plans of Hay Point and Mackay Harbour. 14/06/2019
AUS609 South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island. 14/06/2019
NZ45 New Zealand, North Island – West Coast, Cape Egmont to Rangitikei River. 01/05/2019
NZ71 New Zealand, South Island – West Coast, Greymouth to Kahurangi Point. 01/05/2019
NZ73 New Zealand, South Island – West Coast, Abut Head to Milford Sound/Piopiotahi. 01/05/2019
NZ4432 New Zealand, North Island – West Coast, Taranaki Roads. 01/05/2019
PNG509 Papua New Guinea, North East Coast, Long Reef to Normanby Island. New Chart – Withdrawn Aus509 14/06/2019


New Edition UKHO Publications Week 28

NP Title Date
NP22 Bay of Biscay Pilot. Edition 2019 11/07/2019
NP76 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume C 2019/20 Baltic Sea Including Kattegat, Belts and Sound. 11/07/2019
NP285 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) 2019/20 Edition.


New Edition UKHO Publications Available Now


NP Title Date
NP201A-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1A, United Kingdom.

English Channel to River Humber (Including Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports). 2020 Edition.

NP6 South American Pilot Volume 2 (Nineteenth Edition) 09/05/2019
NP77 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume D 2019/20 Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Arabian and Red Seas 09/05/2019
NP21 Bay of Bengal Pilot (Thirteenth Edition) 2019. 16/05/2019
NP286(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals

Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations

Europe, Arctic and Baltic Coasts, Including Iceland and Faroe Islands. 2019/20 Edition.

NP78 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume E

West Mediterranean

NP201B ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1B, United Kingdom and Ireland (Excluding Isles of Scilly, English Channel to River Humber, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports) 2020 Edition. 06/06/2019
NP9 Antarctic Pilot (Ninth Edition) 2019. 13/06/2019
NP75 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume B 2019/20 Southern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea

Including the Coast of Norway to latitude 60 ̊55’N

NP303(3) ADMIRALTY Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation

Volume 3 Latitudes 39⁰ – 89⁰ Declinations 0⁰ – 29⁰

NP14 Australia Pilot Volume 2 Fourteenth Edition (2019). 20/06/2019
NP202-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Table

North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions, Volume 2 (2020)

NP321-20 Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office. Astronomical / Surveying Publication. The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the year 2020. 27/06/2019
NP286(3) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals

Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations

Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Suez Canal. 2019/20 Edition

NP22 Bay of Biscay Pilot. Edition 2019 11/07/2019
NP76 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume C 2019/20 Baltic Sea Including Kattegat, Belts and Sound. 11/07/2019
NP285 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) 2019/20 Edition.











Miscellaneous Publications & CD Due To Be Published Shortly

Code Title Due Date
IJ960E IAMSAR Manual: Volume I, 2019 Edition July 2019
IG961E IAMSAR Manual: Volume II, 2019 Edition July 2019
TA134E Model course: Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), 2019 Edition July 2019
HMSO.1-19 Ship Captains Medical Guide, 2019 Edition July 2019
TSO31A4 Code of Safe Working Practices – Amendment 4 2019 October 2019
TSO35-19 Merchant Shipping Notices – Consolidated 2019 October 2019


Miscellaneous Publications & CD Now Available


Code Title Date
ID350E FAL Convention, 2017 Edition 03-01-2018
ID938E STCW Including 2010 Manila Amendments, 2017 Edition 10-01-2018
SEAM151 Chemical Tanker Operations for the STCW Advanced Training Course – A Practical Guide to Chemical Tanker Operations 12-01-2018
SEAM150 Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures, 2018 Consolidated Edition 31-01-2018
IC981E Poster: Symbols related to Life-Saving Appliances & Arrangements, 2018 06-02-2018
I988E Poster: Symbols related to Escape Route Signs & Equipment Location Markings, 2018 06-02-2018
IA793E Cape Town Agreement of 2012, 2018 Edition 14-02-2018
SEAM153 Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carrier Manifolds 15-03-2018
II260E IMSBC Code & Supplement, 2018 Edition 12-04-2018
SEAM157 Oil Tankers – A Pocket Safety Guide – 2018 Edition 25-04-2018
ID117E ISM Code with guidelines for its implementation, 2018 Edition 04-05-2018
SEAM159 ECDIS Procedures Guide  2018 Edition 31-05-2018
SEAM160 ECDIS PASSAGE PLANNING & Whatchkeeping  2018 Edition 06-06-2018
SEAM161 PASSAGE PLANNING Guidelines  2018 Edition 06-06-2018
IB560E Manual on Oil Pollution – Section II, 2018 Edition, 2018 Edition 06-06-2018
NAU77 Polar Ship Operations 2nd Edition 2018 27-06-2018
NAU75 Shiphandling Logbook 1st Edition 2018 27-06-2018
NAU76 Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships 1st Edition 2018 27-06-2018
NAU78 Astro Navigation – The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Volume 2 11th Edition 2018 27-06-2018
SEAM.06-18 Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) 4th Edition 2018 04-07-2018
DA404E OPRC courses on CD, 2018 Edition 16-07-2018
WIT016-18 Ship/Shore Interface for LPG/Chemical Gas Carriers and Terminals 2018 Edition 31-07-2018
IH223E Poster: IMDG Code Labels, Mark & Signs 01-08-2018
I30E 30th Assembly 2017 (Res.1110-1130) 16-08-2018
BR156 Thomas’ Stowage 8th Edition 17-08-2018
ICS/ISF08 Guidance for the Preparation & Implementation of Garbage Management Plans – 2nd Edition 24-08-2018
IA289E OSV Chemical Code, 2018 Edition 03-09-2018
WIT511-18 Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations (GOTO) 1st Edition 2018 11-09-2018
IC650E Procedures for Port State Control 2017, 2018 Edition 12-09-2018
IL200E IMDG Code, 2018 Edition (inc. Amendment 39-18) 24-09-2018
IJ210E IMDG Code Supplement, 2018 Edition 24-09-2018
SEAM124-18 Vessel’s Practical Guide to Vetting, 2nd Edition 2018 17-10-2018
TA324E Model course: Security Awareness Training for Port Facility Personnel with DSD, 2018 Edition 22-10-2018
IA621E BWM Convention & BWMS Code with Guidelines for Implementation, 2018 Edition 29-10-2018
T140E Model course: Use of Leadership & Managerial Skills, 2018 Edition 16-11-2018
T144E Model course: Safety training for personnel providing direct service to passengers in passengers spaces, 2018 Edition 16-11-2018
BR102-19 Brown’s Nautical Almanac 2019 21-11-2018
IC001E Basic Documents: Volume I, 2018 Edition 21-11-2018
I455E IMO Liability & Compensation Regime, 2018 Edition 30-11-2018
SEAM.41 Ballast Water Management, 9th Edition 2018 30-11-2018
NAU.44-18 Handling Ships in First-Year Ice 30-11-2018
GTPE-19 Guide to Port Entry 2019-2020 03-12-2018
T141E Model course: Passenger Ship crowd management training, 2018 Edition 21-12-2018
I535E Revised Guidance on the National Implementation of the London Protocol, 2018 Edition 21-12-2018
ICS/ISF30 ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas), 2018 Edition 31-12-2018
T142E Model course: Passenger Ship crisis management and human behavior training, 2018 Edition 12-02-2019
TB119E Model course: Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques, 2019 Edition 12-02-2019
SEAM.42-19 Effective Mooring, 4th Edition 2019 07-03-2019
SEAM136-19 Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse on Board Ship, 5th Edition 2019 02-04-2019
DA404E Model course: OPRC on CD Courses 4.01, 4.02, 4.03 and 4.04, 2019 Edition 10-05-2019
TB108E Model course: Radar Navigation at Management Level, 2019 Edition 10-05-2019
ICS/ISF27-19 Guidelines on The Application of ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 3rd Edition 2019 21-05-2019
IJ962E IAMSAR Manual: Volume III, 2019 Edition 29-05-2019
IA966E IAMSAR Manual: Volume III Action Cards, 2019 Edition 29-05-2019
NAU75 The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol.1: Principles of Navigation, 11th Edition 2019 01-06-2019
SEAM160-19 ECDIS Procedures Guide, 2019 Edition 14-06-2019
SEAM159-19 ECDIS Passage Planning & Watchkeeping, 2019 Edition 09-07-2019

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