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After the Second World War, in Genoa, on 14th August 1945 Master Giuseppe Messina and representatives of Italian Navy founded CAIM cooperative (Cooperativa Armamento Imprese Marittime) to employ veterans, sailors and the sons of fallen soldiers.

The first activities of CAIM were demining of the Port of Genoa and the implementation of all types of vessel of the period.

CAIM developed a department of construction and repair of nautical instruments (compasses, sextants, graphometers, etc…) and one of mechanical ship repair with its own workshops located in the Port of Genoa.

This activity formed many workers in the shipbuilding industry.

In the next years, CAIM got representation for the sale and the distribution of cartographic works issued by United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, US Navy Hydrographic Office and US Coast & Geodetic Survey.

CAIM also represented many national and foreign manufacturers of electromechanical instruments.

The Chamber of Commerce of Genoa gave a recognition on the occasion of the fiftieth year of establishment of the cooperative.

Since then, CAIM developed and specialized to be today, after more than 60 years, British Admiralty International Service Agent and distributor of the most important English and American Institutions of technical publications and nautical regulations.


CAIM is leader in Italian market, one of the world’s largest International Chart Agents and sole agent for RINA publications (Registro Italiano Navale). It has been supplying the professional mariner in the SOLAS regulated nautical market since 1945.

CAIM is a ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

We operate in 3 main sectors:

CAIM holds in stock more than 25,000 Admiralty charts and more than 15,000 Admiralty books completely updated by its trained correctors. Its professional staff ensures best service of all time and specialization in dispatch of supplies to any port in the world at short notice.

With the Outfit Management Service CAIM offers an automatic supply on new edition of charts and publication in order for the vessel to carry always the latest information ever.

The company also offers a various range of self produced IMO signage and posters, flags, nautical & safety equipment, recording paper, printers & cartridges, chart table instruments, .. Everything for Navigation.

Since years CAIM is aware on the development of digital products and technologies. CAIM is proud to offer all the newest and best software to aid mariners during navigation and hardware, including bridge equipment and Integrated Navigational System (ECDIS and full-ECDIS certified) obtaining a great know-how for their Installation and Service.

CAIM is distributor also for Sat-Com solutions for the Navigation, Communication and Updating Services.

CAIM is available, upon customer’s request, to seek and produce any kind of navigational product needed.

CAIM is technical agent and exclusive partner for the following most important suppliers and services operators:

CAIM is certified ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is compliant to the guidelines of ANNEX SL (ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000)

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CAIM is certified IQNet


  • enhanced business performance and facilitated international trade, including quality and safety of products, processes and services
  • competent assessment and certification services according to their needs
  • innovative, value adding products and services
  • simplified and harmonized certification processes on a national and international level
  • recognized certificates issued by IQNet partners
  • the IQNet certificate, which provides an international passport towards global recognition

IQNet is the preferred supplier of management system assessments. Apart from the IQNet certificate and the IQNet partner’s certificate, the IQNet mark “Certified Management System” is proof of a company’s successfully certified management system.
IQNet Mark – Certified Management System

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